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A modern textile consulting agency in Turkey - We offer consulting expertise in sourcing, manufacturing and merchandising in the apparel industry

The SETA Agency is established in Istanbul, the 10 million metropole of Turkey and the economic, industrial, social and cultural capital of the country. Situated on two continents on 5220 km2 and founded on the cultural heritage of many civilizations and religions, Istanbul is one the most historic, interesting and beautiful cities of the world as well as a most dynamic one.

Like the city where it is situated, the SETA Agency is a dynamic company with taste, fashion and relies on more than 10-year experience in the textile and clothing industry in Turkey and in Europe, mainly in Germany.

The first goal of the SETA Agency is to be a reliable partner in Turkey for you. We would be happy to support you with our services, no matter if you already produce in Turkey or plan to visit the country for the first time.

Many experienced suppliers from different fields (see Products sections) in Istanbul, but also in other cities such as Izmir, Corlu, etc. are our business partners.

We endeavour to meet the expectations of our customers in all respects, especially in quality, while offering competitive prices. In all production phases, we offer the most advanced technological solutions and a constant quality control of the finished products.

We would be happy to give you information on the producers we are working together with and help you to build a successful, longterm cooperation with the producers.

SETA Agency offers its' customers an exclusive service for the manufacture and purchase of ready-made clothing in Turkey. The timetable and the services we offer beginning with the research phase until the end of a season are described below:

Before the beginning of the collection period, we get the desired/planned qualities for inspection from the designers of our customers and send back the samples within a short time (7-10 days) together with the necessary information (price, delivery date, minimums, etc.) If desired, we carry out this analysis together with the designers in Istanbul. The enquiries are carried out not only at clothing manufacturers, but also at suppliers of fabric and yarn and/or importers of fabric and yarn.

Once the qualities are detected, we receive the sketches and send our customers within a short time the first prototypes (2 weeks). Contrary to the customary, prototypes are sent always with prices. Upon request, prices are collected from different suppliers for a direct comparison of price with output.

Once the commentaries about the prototypes and the instructions for the salesman samples are received, the production of the collection will be passed on to the desired supplier. In this phase, our customers receive regularly (weekly/daily) information from us about the course and development of the production.

After the final control, the collection will be sent to the customer. The control of documents and transmission of these to the customers is realized immediately afterwards.

We consider the collection period as a test for the production and based on our experience try to foresee and prevent beforehand any problems that might come up during production.

Once the block orders are taken in, they will be placed with the desired supplier in arrangement with the customers. We take care that the suppliers order all the necessary raw materials in time and inform us/you about it, so that a punctual production start can be realized as accurately as possible.

The sizesets are prepared as soon as possible according to instructions, and parallel to this, lab-dips, print cuts or cord samples are prepared as well and sent to our customers for confirmation.

The production begins after the sizesets and production fabrics are determined finally. Our technicians attach great importance to it that all wash-tests are carried out before cutting. They also visit the suppliers or their subcontractors during the production daily and follow as well as support the processing and development of production. Our customers receive in the meantime a production status at least once a week or several times.

Our customers receive a delivery sample from us before the delivery and once this sample is confirmed and the final control is realized by our technicians (after AQL 4), the delivery will be released.

Our merchandisers in the office organize all steps, while the technicians control the technical details of the production. At the end, the delivery will be handed over to the desired carrier. Documents, packing list, invoice, consignment note, ATR, etc. are controlled by our merchandisers and are sent together with the translations of the final control report by fax to our customers on time.

Employees of the SETA Agency would be happy to give you information for all individual cases.

If you wish to have information on certain subjects such as production of particular qualities or problems arising in a current production of yours, please get into contact with us simply by giving us a call, sending a fax or an e-mail to our office.
Jersey (Fine-Knits)

With about ten selected suppliers in Istanbul and five outside of Istanbul, we produce jersey products in different price and quality categories for our customers. A great part of these suppliers have along with ready-made clothing production also their own circular knitwear machines and dyeing works. Apart from casual qualities, also fine yarns (imported and local) such as 60/2 - 80/2 thread/yarn thickness have been processed successfully in the last years. Cotton, viscose, rayon, tactell, polyamid, etc. are the most demanded qualities.
Knitwear (Heavy-Knits)

Eight producers in Istanbul are SETA's cooperation partner. Usually Turkish cotton-yarn is processed in casual wear. Wool, viscose or acryl combinations are usually imported from Italy. The producers have a longterm experience of many years with imported fabrics especially from Italy. This naturally facilitates and enables a smooth business run for all parties. The suppliers have at their disposal a selection of different knitwear machines (Shimas, Stoll, etc.) in different sizes (from 3gg up to 14gg).

In the field of ready-made clothing the SETA Agency has ten producers in Istanbul. Some of them are specialized in outdoor jackets. Mostly cotton and cotton combinations, but also other yarn combinations with different coatings and strech fabrics are manufactured.
Leather articles

Last year the demand for leather articles has risen considerably. The SETA Agency works together in the field of leather clothing and accessories with seven selected suppliers in and outside of Istanbul. Suede leather, napa leather and lambskin in different types are manufactured into fine ready-made clothing.

Please get into contact with us simply by giving us a e-mail

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